Sea Moss…Who Knew?

The only superfood that contains 92 of the essential
minerals that your body needs.

92 Vitamins and Minerals

And so much more

Rids body of excess mucusRids body of excess mucus
supports heart healthImmunity Booster
Helps ThyroidSupports thyroid health
Promotes Healthy Skin/HairPromotes Healthy Skin/Hair
Aids in joint pain relief + mobilityAids in joint pain relief + mobility
Rich in essential mineralssupports heart health
Workout Recoverysupports heart health
Soothes digestive tracksupports heart health

Vieux Fort, St Lucia

The Source of the World’s Best Sea Moss

At 92 Minerals Company the first goal we established was to source the absolute best sea moss that the world had to offer. To ensure that not only was the sea moss the best quality in the world but that it was also responsibly and sustainably sourced in a manner that not only took care of our planet but also the people who we would partner with to source it.

The prestigious waters of St Lucia provide not only the cleanest environment for sea moss to grow but also the most mineral dense waters thank to the Qualibou Volcano. The waters are protected from high volumes of boat traffic which pollute the environment and the sea moss. In fact, the location of our sea moss source is miles away from the closet boat harbor and is tucked away from the paths of boating traffic.

Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel

Our most versatile and best selling gel with virtually no flavor or scent. Our original can be used in a wide variety of ways, as well as the most sensible gel for topical uses
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Wildcrafted Strawberry Sea Moss Gel “Tripp”

The go to gel for kids as well as the best method for consuming on its own straight from the jar, off the spoon
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Wildcrafted Cinnamon Maple Sea Moss Gel “Cinn City”

With flavors reminiscent of French Toast, Cinn City is the perfect addition to breakfast. Use gel in oatmeal, yogurt or off the spoon
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