At 92 Minerals Company the first goal we established was to source the absolute best sea moss that the world had to offer. To ensure that not only was the sea moss the best quality in the world but that it was also responsibly and sustainably sourced in a manner that not only took care of our planet but also the people who we would partner with to source it.

The prestigious waters of St Lucia provide not only the cleanest environment for sea moss to grow but also the most mineral dense waters thank to the Qualibou Volcano. The waters are protected from high volumes of boat traffic which pollute the environment and the sea moss. In fact, the location of our sea moss source is miles away from the closet boat harbor and is tucked away from the paths of boating traffic.

In Vieux Fort, St Lucia, sea moss is not just an export business. It’s a way of life that has been passed down generationally for hundreds of years. It’s what brings the communities together and what supports the economy. In St Lucia, it is an honor and a privilege to support friends, family and neighbors in the pursuit of providing sea moss to the world. The reputation of St Lucian sea moss is so important to it’s people that everyone helps and supports one another to ensure that their moss remains the best quality in the world. The process of growing, harvesting, cleaning, drying and shipping sea moss is done with the upmost love and pride, from start to finish. The values and ideals of the sea moss communities in St Lucia are equally as important to us as the superior quality of moss. We are so blessed to be able to have the partnership and friendships we have with these communities, that enable us to provide you with the greatest sea moss products in the world.

St Lucia’s Motto is “The Land, The People, The Light”. We couldn’t have said it any better. St Lucia is one of the greatest gifts to the world. From their pristine to your home, 92 Minerals Company is proud to be apart of the St Lucia sea moss community. Welcome to the sea moss family!